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At, we have the privilege of working with highly skilled artisans who translate each of our painstakingly detailed designs into magnificent works of art. Through their craft we have developed a complete line of highly embellished decorative pillows and many more hand crafted unique items that are embroidered and adorned with jewels.

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What’s your favorite room in the house? My bedroom is my go-to place to escape the chaos of the day and it’s also my favorite room to decorate #ad I gave my room a little spring refresh and I’m beyond excited to have partnered with @oncloud9shoppe to add the right amount of glam by using their stunning throw pillows on my bed. These luxurious decorative pillows are breathtaking and I am obsessed with the beautiful details on them They are perfect elegant accent to transform any room I own so many throw pillows but these high quality by @oncloud9shoppe are by far the best pillows I have ever seen. They are stylish, timeless and glamorous Do check them out I promise you won't be disappointed


WHITE & GOLD Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to my Instagram community for showing so much love and support on all my posts!! I am beyond thankful to all of you!!!! Your kindest comments and DMs are heartwarming! Thank you for being here! On another note, how gorgeous are my Farah sofas from @inspire_me_home_decor @shopinspiremehomedecor. They truly finish my space off with the perfect touch of glam! Also, stay tuned for my styling video for my new florals from @cfadesigngroup Can’t wait to share it tomorrow!Are you inspired?!

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The best decoration of any nightstand is a good educational book that is an amazing food for your brain and soul I seem to always have some phycological articles on mine, personal growth trainings, parenting and of course #interiordesign and #interiordecor books. One of the latest books in #homedecor world that I’ve finally read is Inspire Your Home book, that is so informative, simple and beautifully written by @farahjmerhi with lots of tips & decor ideas. I’ll keep in on my nightstand for a while now:) So proud of your work Farah and thank you ❤️ Who is obsessed with Interior Design & Decor books, what else are you reading? Or, should I ask: what’s on your nightstand? #prettydetails

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Obsessed with My Duvet and Pillows From @oncloud9shoppe.


Here is style 1 out of 3 styles I shared on my YouTube video link on my bio. What do you guys think? Now swipe left to see that amazing pillow from @oncloud9shoppe omg I am so in love with their products this one is the Crystal Ivory beaded pillow and it brings so much sophistication to my entryway shop now link on my stories @oncloud9shoppe.

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One of the thing I’ll never apologize for is being an overprotective mom. I mean, full blown, overprotective. No sleepover, no overnight camp, let me see where you are at all time, is there a chaperone when you’re out, kinda mom.Growing up, my mom was like that and it always irritated me. What’s the worst that could happen mom? I can protect myself! Which always resulted with “ the look” from my mom and me cowering back into my bedroom. But now. Now as a mom, I’m 10 times worse then my mom and now I understand that strong and uncontrollable feeling of wanting to protect my kids. We hear horror stories every day...and man oh man do they break my heart. My most important job is to try my best to keep them safe and if that means they will get irritated with me then that’s fine with me. When they have their own kids, they will understand a mother’s love. The arguments we go through to justify my stance is draining but it’s the one thing I don’t budge on. I want to protect them as long as I can. So yes, If I’m seen as the unreasonably overprotective mom then I say: and? I don’t judge other’s way of parenting. I respect everyone’s choice of doing things. There is no right or wrong, to each their own. Parenthood, gotta love it

Farah Merhi

I’m on CLOUD 9 with these sassy, metallic , silk, elegant , cozy and high quality pillows ! Beyond obssessed with @oncloud9shoppe pillows selection! These pillows transformed my livingroom look 180 degrees whichstyle you like the most 1, 2 or 3 ? Mine is number 1 both pillows are available now on @oncloud9shoppe ‘a ‘website check out my story for the link ! Thank you. @oncloud9shoppe for a 2 in 1 product Unique pillows and amazing quality !!!

Mariana Matari

Sam Golchha

The face behind Oncloud9, Sam Golchha is a true hustler- a NewYork based entrepreneur and a designer for four notable brands. Her experience as the head designer at a renowned textile company and a keen eye for everything beautiful helped her envision a luxe brand catering decors that transform your spaces into dream-like. And that's not just it, with Oncloud9 Sam looks forward to transforming your home into a lounge paradise- your favorite place to be in.